On this episode, Nora announces that she deactivated her Instagram — of course, Sam has some thoughts about that. The girls discuss the importance of the Sabbath, and the practical ways they keep it. We got a little bored of coffee reviews, so we’ll let you know when we brew something new ;)

This week, Nora and Sam discuss the movie, Heaven Is For Real, Lauren Daigle on Ellen, and our thoughts on Santa Clause. Grap a cup of coffee and listen to them chat about their thoughts on these current events!

Last Wednesday was Reformation Day so Nora and Sam wanted to celebrate!!! 501 years ago, Martin Luther nailed the 95 Theses to the church door in Whittenburg, Germany. It has had some pretty significant impact on our lives. We tell you guys how we both came to reformed theology and why its so important in our lives. The coffee was good — oh and we changed our outdo yet again ;)

On this episode of GodTalk, Nora and Sam discussed the Gospel in the depth and practically how to share it. Coffee of the week was 'blueberry muffin,' which was the worst thing that has hit our mouths, and Devils Advocate was Free Will vs. Predestination (Sam absolutely roasted Nora)

This week, Nora and Sam have two guests on, Erin and Casey from the Adorned Podcast. We have a great chat with them about how the doctrines we believe in play out in daily life, and how we can use them all for Gods glory.

On this episode of GodTalk, Nora and Sam discuss the role of the Holy Spirit in a Christ followers life today and how to have a proper view of walking in the Spirit, with a few side notes about Lauren Daigles new album and Matt Chandlers definition of prophecy. We didn't do Devils Advocate today because we kept yapping about the Holy Spirit!

This week, Nora and Sam finish discussing the biblical use of tongues, miracles, and prophecy. Sam explains the content of 1 corinthians 12, the most popular passage of scripture for charismatics. The coffee was good, and Devils Advocate got a little heated discussing whether or not seminary is necessary for pastors and leaders in the church. 


On this episode of GodTalk, Nora and Sam discuss cessationism, continuationism and cautious continuitionism. WE begin to break down what prophecy is, what is looked like all throughout the Old and New Testament, and what a prophet and apostle are. We are finished with worship 101 and have a new outro -- Devils Advocate. Give it a listen!

Verses for further study -- 2 Peter 1:20-21 - Deuteronomy 13 & 18 - Exodus 4 - Acts 1


On this episode of GodTalk, Nora and Sam continue the Regulative Principle of Worship, breaking down Covenant Presbyterians order of worship, and explain how we do Worship 101. We drink some alright coffee and play a good game of Would You Rather.

On this episode of GodTalk, Nora and Sam discuss their favorite topic; Worship! We share why we as Christ followers should be abiding by the Regulative Principle, but also realizing that so many other solid Christians dont worship the way we do, and thats okay -- their salvation is not at stake. Worshipping a  Holy God is so important, and it needs to be discussed more. 

Worship 101:

"Surrounded"  by Upperroom 

"In Christ Alone"  by Kings Kaleidoscope 

On this episode of GodTalk, Nora and Sam have guest, Abigail Jackson on discussing how accountability is lived out in light of the gospel, how we kill sin together and encourage each other well.

Worship 101:

"One Thing Remains" by Jesus Culture

"How Deep The Father Love" by Page CXVI 

In this episode of GodTalk Sam and Nora discuss what it looks like as single women to have an appropriate relationship with our brothers in christ -- boundaries, accountability & Gods glory. 

Worship 101: 

"Above All " by Michael W. Smith

"Joyful Joyful" by Jimmy Needham


Nora and Sam have a guest, Bailey Miller on again to explain how God has predestined the free acts of man -- our wills are not free,  how God's sovereignty plays out in sin / daily actions, and why never being outside of Gods will is the most freeing place we can be. 

Worship 101:

There is no worship 101,  we really wanted all who listened to meditate, think and pray on the truths of Gods sovereingty found in scripture. 

In this episode Nora and Sam discuss social media, the sin that is easy to fall into regarding social media, and how it can and should be used for Gods glory.  

Worship 101:

“Simple Gospel” by United Pursuit

“Man of Sorrows” by Redeemer Presbyterian Church

This week on GodTalk, Nora and Sam have our very first guest -- Bailey Miller! We asked Bailey questions in regard to salvation & God's sovereignty in light of free will and predestination. It's quite a heated topic, but so necessary for us to be knowledgeable about. 

Worship 101:

"Oceans" by Hillsong United

"Abide With Me" By Indelible Grace Music  

Nora and Sam discuss the doctrine of calvinism and explain each letter of TULIP —each letter leading back to God being sovereign, and humans being products of His grace. 

Episode Notes:

Desiring God —https://www.desiringgod.org/topics/calvinism#

Ligonier Ministries — https://www.ligonier.org/blog/tulip-and-reformed-theology-total-depravity

Worship 101: 

“Save Me”  by  Steffany Gretzinger

“His Mercy Is More”  by Matt Papa

Nora and Sam discuss feminism objectively explaining that there are indeed many grey areas, and harping on submission which is always done out of a heart of obedience and recognizing God's sovereignty. We address an anonymous listener who wrote in with some comments and suggestions. 

Worship 101:

"So Will I"  by Hillsong United

"For the Beauty of the Earth"  by A New Liturgy 

Nora and Sam discuss Biblical Womanhood, Feminism and how to live out the calling God places on women in light of todays culture and society. 

Episode Notes:

Elizabeth Elliot “How to Keep a Quiet Heart”

Elizabeth Elliot "Let Me Be a Woman"

The Gospel Coalition --https://www.thegospelcoalition.org/blogs/kevin-deyoung/theological-primer-limited-atonement/

Worship 101: 

"You Make Me Brave"  by  Bethel

"All Glory Be To Christ" by Kings Kaleidoscope

Nora and Sam introduce themselves, share their heart behind GodTalk, and discuss the Gospel in its entirety: we are so sinful — God is so Holy, and Jesus bridged that gap by dying for our sins. 

Episode Notes:

Westminster Catechism 

Worship 101: 

"Reckless Love"  by  Cory Asbury

"Steadfast" by Sandra McCracken